Saturday, February 22, 2014

Envisioning a Resilient, Equitable and Earth - Friendly Future

Envisioning a Resilient, Equitable and Earth-Friendly Future

I'm doing this as a newsletter-journal regarding the work Merry and Burl Hall as hosts of the on-line radio show, ENVISION THIS!  Our job in this world is to work with others in co-creating a resilient, equitable and love-filled future.  While many people don't think about future generations, and instead only want their pleasures in this moment, Envision This! does look towards the future generations.

Many say it is too late.  The world is going to hell in a handbasket.  I don't doubt that.  But what if a new life can be resurrected from the rubble we have created?  As I write this I hear Steppenwolf's potent song, Monster.  "America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters?"  

As I see the mainstream voice of America, I hear a resounding, "hell no we don't care!"  And then George Bush Jr chimes in with his infamous "just go shopping" to help you deal with the loss of your sons and daughters going to war.  It is they, and you, who will suffocate at the hands of global warming.  But, don't worry your pretty little head, George says alongside Obama (apparently, not literally). "Just go shopping!"

Oftentimes, as I gaze upon people shopping, the fiasco of television shows that I see every now and again, and the news, I wonder if we aren't doomed.  

But, alleluia, I cling to hope that we can co-create a better future.  So do our guests on Envision This!

F. David Peat, our upcoming guest next week, is such a visionary.  F. David Peat is a brilliant man who wrote several books, including Synchronicity: Unity of Mind and Matter.  From his website, F. David Peat has authored twenty books on popular science with topics ranging from synchronicity, to chaos theory, to the life of David Bohm. His latest books, The Black Winged Night: Creativity in Nature and MindFrom Certainty to Uncertainty: The story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth CenturyBlackfoot Physics and In Search of Nicoka Tesla can be purchased through the Pari Center website, which is an educational center began by Peat.

Peat will be speaking to the work of David Bohm, one of the greatest physicists that walked the face of the planet, according to my estimation (and perhaps Peat"s?).  Indeed, my interpretation of Bohm's work (as well as Peat's) were instrumental to my understanding of dreams, visions and intuitions occurring from the age of 5 and into adulthood.  

Peat is working with Paul Howard of Imagine Films (Ireland) regarding a documentary regarding Bohm's work. We will be interviewing Peat and Howard on Wed. Feb 26th and 10:00 Eastern (United States) time. The show will serve as a way of helping to fund raise for the project as well as to talk about the work of David Bohm.   

We hope you join us.  Remember, if you can't make it live, the show will be archived.  You can listen to it at any point your heart desires.  We are all in this to speak to change.  Bohm's work in my estimation speaks to foundational change, from his work in physics to his understanding of language.  Indeed, his thinking may be foundational for future change.  Envision This! a physics in which the notion that all men and women are brothers and sisters becomes a reality.  Is this so hard to do?  The holographic nature of physicists like David Bohm and neurologist Karl Pribram is not a modern discovery.  Indeed, as the Bible's "Genesis says it, "God created Adamah male and female, male and female created He them!"  Thus we are indeed mirrors of the All.  What do we see in ourselves as we look out at the depleted landscapes if not an image of our own minds?  Just saying….this may make a good conversation piece for the show!




  1. Merry & Burl, Congratulations on your new blog. I really look forward to the interview about Bohm. As you know Bohm's work has been influential in my thinking, as I discuss in my book Invisible Nature ( It's one of the streams of thought that can heal the fracture thinking that allows modern people to think of themselves (and act) as if we're separate from nature.

    1. Agreed. As I often say, Nature has two meanings: (1) nature as birds, bees, etc and (2) Essence. Nature is our essence….thus the Hindus say of Brahmin, the Self: It is above, it is below, it is, indeed, this entire world. And when one knows this, one knows bliss and in all worlds is free. I'm really looking forward to the interview also. Bohm as well as Peat have influenced me a lot in their writings. I must confess, Peat made Bohm a little easier to understand. I'm glad you will be listening. Are you able to listen live? Its at 10:30 am on Wed (eastern time). If not it'll be archived….but if you want or have a question for Peat, I"m sure he would enjoy it.

  2. Merry and Burl. Bravo. You keep going. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. And, you add more than your share. I try to read the OEN postings, but don't keep up very well. Maybe you could consider posing some questions for listeners, readers, followers to ponder and comment on to get a conversation. Just an idea. Keep up the good works. Robert